• Black Cockatoo

    Honour Book in the 2019 CBCAs for Book of the Year for Younger Readers by Carl Merrison and Hakea Hustler.


  • Cunning Crow

    Cunning Crow, a new tale from the author and illustrator of Mad Magpie, Gregg Dreise.


  • Too Much Lip

    The latest work of fiction from multi-award winning Goorie author, Melissa Lucashenko.


  • Young Dark Emu

    The highly-anticipated junior version of Bruce Pascoe’s multi award-winning book.Bruce Pascoe has collected a swathe of literary awards for


  • Mad Magpie

    Mad Magpie

    By Gregg Dreise. Guluu, an angry magpie who is being teased by a gang of butcher birds, is inspired by wise sayings and the knowledge of his Elders.


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